The program is 12 months in length. This time frame is based upon the need for the body to heal itself, to catch up on life that was missed during the active addiction, and to establish a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ. Adult & Teen Challenge is voluntary program. You can leave at any time you choose, but 60 years of experience shows that recovery requires a minimum of a year to maximize your chance of long-term success.
While we do not use the Alcoholic Anonymous 12-Step model, we do include the principles of the 12 steps.  However, we go well beyond their scope in the year-long discipleship studies. We incorporate many steps in the process of building a solid Christian lifestyle, assisting in educational needs, and developing a good work ethic that will carry you into a productive life years after you have completed the Adult & Teen Challenge program.
No. We believe that an addicted person needs a concentrated regiment of studies while being separated from the influences of the outside world. This gives the student time to reset and develop a new way of living.
While there may be a few of our facilities that accept insurance, this facility does not.  We are not a medical facility and have made the choice not to get involved in the practices that would qualify for insurance money.
At this location, we try to make it possible for anyone to get the help that is needed without charging a daily fee. However, in the face of ever increasing expenses, we have to place a value on what we offer. There is an entrance fee of $1,100.00 that is made at the time of entry. Each family is asked to make a monthly financial commitment (donation) based on what they can do to help us care for their love one. We estimate that each student costs us $50.00 per day, or $1,500.00 each month. If each family will make a donation each month, we can raise the balance through various contacts, church services and mission outreach programs.
Because we are an alcohol and drug recovery ministry, a primary diagnosis for chemical dependency is required. Even though we offer an extensive discipleship training program, we do not accept individuals who simply need or desire a place to live and attend school to avoid the costs of college.
No. Help is available for females in other Adult & Teen Challenge locations, but this facility is male only.
No. Nor do we allow the use of nicotine patches, gum or other forms of nicotine substitution.
No. We are not a medical facility and do not have the personnel to monitor and dispense those types of medications. We do not accept those on mood-altering drugs.
No. The participants are considered to be students and will be involved in full-time classroom and program related activities. Any chores assigned while enrolled are considered to be a very important part of their training to help prepare them for life after Adult & Teen Challenge.